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Pioneering Excellence in Technology and Education

At 9VN Communication Pvt Ltd, we stand at the forefront of technological innovation and educational transformation. With a rich legacy of expertise, we have been driving excellence in the realms of cybersecurity, programming, and education. Our commitment to pioneering solutions is reflected in our ventures like eSikhya and Everryn Digital, where we continuously push the boundaries of what's possible. Join us in our journey towards a future where technology empowers and education evolves

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What We Do

Empowering Lives Through Innovative Solutions: Our Core Offerings

Innovating healthcare with AI, revolutionizing education, and streamlining invoicing for seamless business. We redefine possibilities and elevate experiences

Empowering Learning Through Online Educa

Teaching ServicesExpert Educators:Highly qualified and experienced teachers across various subjects and grades.Expertise in delivering engag...

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Doctor Services: Comprehensive Care for

General Medical ServicesPrimary Care:Routine check-ups and preventive care.Diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses and health concerns.H...

₹ 1.00

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Pharmacy Trusted Healthcare Partner

Prescription ServicesPrescription Filling:Timely and accurate prescription filling services by licensed pharmacists.A wide range of prescrip...

₹ 1.00

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Everryn Digital: Revolutionizing Healthc

Services OverviewEverryn Digital is not just a healthcare application; it's a transformative ecosystem that seamlessly connects doctors, pha...

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Invobilling: Streamlining Your Invoicing

 OverviewInvobilling is your comprehensive invoicing solution designed to simplify and enhance your business's financial processes. Whe...

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Esikhya: Transforming Education.

Web Application Services:Centralized student information database accessible via a user-friendly web interface.Real-time attendance tracking...

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Why Choose Us

Pioneering Excellence, Innovative Solutions, and Unmatched Expertise"

Discover the 9VN Advantage: Redefining Standards in Technology and Education

Unleashing Innovation: Our Commitment to Transformative Solutions

Experience Excellence: Elevating Possibilities, One Solution at a Time

EduNex Learning

Cutting-edge education platform providing tailored courses and interactive learning experiences

InvoSync Solutions

Streamlined invoicing and billing services, simplifying financial processes for businesses.

ShopEase Hub

Comprehensive e-commerce solutions, offering a seamless shopping experience for both sellers and buyers

EverHealth Connect

AI-driven healthcare services facilitating video appointments, medicine home delivery, and global health solutions.

Our Experience

Years of Expertise: Shaping the Future Through Innovation and Excellence


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Our Pricing Plan

Pricing We're Offering

Our Flexible Pricing Plans Tailored for Your Needs

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₹ 1.00/m

  • Test Catalog and Management
  • Sample Tracking
  • Test Request & Ord Management
  • Sample Processing Workflow
  • Integration Electronic H Rcord
  • Automation of Instruments
  • Quality Control and Assurance
  • Results Reporting
  • Alerts for Critical Results
  • Inventory Man. for R & Supl
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Laboratory Eq Maintenance
  • Sample Storage and Retrieval
  • Research & Development Support
  • Permissions and Access Controls
  • Integration with Radiology
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Mobile android / IOS
  • Desktop Windows / IOS / Linux
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₹ 1.00/m

  • Profile Management
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Patient Records
  • Digital Prescriptions
  • Telemedicine Integration
  • Medical Notes & Documentation
  • Treatment Plans & Follow-ups
  • Medical Imaging Integration
  • Collaboration and Referrals
  • Billing and Invoicing
  • Medical Education Tracking
  • Patient Communication Tools
  • Workload Management
  • Access Controls and Security
  • Performance Metrics & Analytics
  • Integration with Pharmacy
  • Feedback & Satisfaction Surveys
  • Mobile android / IOS
  • Desktop Windows / IOS / Linux
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₹ 1.00/m

  • Catalog & Inventory Management
  • Prescription Management
  • Sales and Billing
  • Patient Profiles
  • Drug Interaction Alerts
  • Supplier Management
  • Inventory & Purchase Orders
  • Drug Information Database
  • Barcoding and Scanning
  • Sales Analytics and Reporting
  • Health Insurance Integration
  • Patient Communication Tools
  • Expiry Tracking and Alerts
  • HRM
  • Accounting
  • Payroll Module
  • Integration Elect Health Records
  • Mobile android / IOS
  • Desktop Windows / IOS / Linux
Our Portfolio

Journey through Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurship, and AI Healthcare

Tech maven with a cybersecurity forte. Entrepreneur behind 9VN Comm. Now, spearheading Everryn Digital's groundbreaking AI healthcare revolution. Trailblazing innovation at every turn

Our Team Member

Meet Our Team

Welcome to the Everryn Digital Portfolio, your guide to our revolutionary AI healthcare project. Everryn Digital is set to transform the global healthcare landscape by seamlessly connecting pharmacies, doctors, and individuals through a user-friendly platform.


What Clients Say About Us.

Data transfer capacity has generally been inconsistent dispersed around the world, with expanding focus in the advanced age just 10 nations have facilitated .

HR Manager

Esikhya, the school management SaaS web application, stands out as a transformative solution that redefines the way educational institutions operate. With its comprehensive suite o...

Mizzaj John
Marketing Head

Everryn Digital: Revolutionizing healthcare with AI. Seamless video appointments, medicine home delivery, and global accessibility redefine the patient experience.


Shoppi9: Innovative e-commerce platform that connected 5000+ stores. Challenges led to closure, but its impact on digital retail remains a lesson in the industry's evolution.

An Ameer
Head of Designer

Shoppi9: Innovative e-commerce platform that connected 5000+ stores. Challenges led to closure, but its impact on digital retail remains a lesson in the industry's evolution.


Frequently Asked Question.

Answers to Your Queries: Navigate through our Frequently Asked Questions

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eSikhya provides transformative educational solutions, including school management software and other digital tools aimed at enhancing the learning experience for students and educators.

We're always on the lookout for talented individuals. Check our careers page for current job openings and information on how to apply.

Cybersecurity is a top priority for 9VN Communication. We employ industry best practices and stay updated on the latest security measures to ensure the safety of our projects and client data.

Yes, we are actively seeking funds to further develop our innovative projects. If you're interested in contributing, please get in touch through our funding inquiry form.

With a strong entrepreneurial background, 9VN Communication has successfully founded and managed ventures in cybersecurity, education, and healthcare, showcasing years of valuable experience.

If you're interested in educational initiatives, reach out to us through our contact page. We're always open to partnerships and collaborations in the education sector.

Everryn Digital's AI healthcare project seamlessly connects pharmacies, doctors, and individuals, offering video appointments, digital prescriptions, centralized medicine searches, and more, revolutionizing the healthcare landscape.

Absolutely! We welcome collaborations for technology consulting. Contact us, and let's discuss how we can work together to meet your needs.

9VN Communication offers a range of services, including cybersecurity solutions, programming expertise, educational technology solutions like eSikhya, and innovative AI healthcare initiatives through Everryn Digital.


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Innovation Chronicles: Unveiling the Transformative Journeys of Everryn Digital, Shoppi9, Invobilling, and Esikhya

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