Pharmacy Services:

  1. Efficient Stock Management: Everryn's pharmacy services include a comprehensive stock management system. It allows pharmacies to effortlessly track and manage their inventory, ensuring timely replenishments and minimizing the risk of running out of essential medicines.

  2. Staff Management: The application offers tools for assigning roles, managing shifts, and overseeing staff performance within the pharmacy. This feature helps optimize operations and ensures better service to customers.

  3. Payroll Integration: Everryn seamlessly integrates payroll management into pharmacy operations. This ensures that staff salaries, bonuses, and other financial aspects are managed efficiently, reducing manual errors and administrative overhead.

  4. Role-Based Access: The application caters to all roles within a pharmacy, whether it's an accountant, sales staff, or manager. This ensures that each member can perform their tasks efficiently with tools tailored to their specific needs.

  5. Real-time Stock Checks: With the instant stock availability check feature, pharmacy staff can promptly inform customers about the availability of specific medicines. This reduces wait times and enhances customer satisfaction.

  6. Doctor Referrals and Stock Verification: When a doctor using the application prescribes a medicine, pharmacies can swiftly verify their stock. If a medicine is unavailable, they can suggest alternatives or liaise with the doctor for a replacement, ensuring that patients get their medications without delays. The application also suggests medicine compositions.

  7. Transparent Billing: Everryn provides a clear breakdown of charges for consultations, treatments, and other services, ensuring transparency and trust in the billing process.

  8. Data Security and Privacy: All transactional and patient data is encrypted and stored securely within the application. This ensures that pharmacies maintain the trust of their customers and comply with data protection regulations.

  9. Insights and Analytics: Everryn's pharmacy services offer valuable insights into sales trends, popular medicines, and customer preferences. This enables pharmacies to make informed decisions about stock procurement and marketing strategies.

  10. Home Delivery of Medicines: Pharmacies can offer a home delivery option for medicines through the application, adding an extra layer of convenience for users. This feature makes users more likely to purchase their medicines through the application, further enhancing the pharmacy's service.