Convenience meets care in our Home Delivery services for medicines and diagnostic tests. We understand that making trips to a pharmacy or diagnostic center can be challenging, especially when you're unwell, busy, or managing multiple responsibilities. Our solution? Direct delivery of healthcare needs to your door.

For medicines, it starts with a digital prescription from your doctor through our platform. Choose the 'Home Delivery' option, and your order will be forwarded to a partnered pharmacy. They prepare and dispatch your medications with all the requisite information and care instructions, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

The same ease applies to diagnostic tests. Schedule a test through our app, and a certified professional from a trusted lab visits your home for sample collection. The samples are taken to the lab, and digital reports are uploaded directly to your app profile, accessible anytime.

Our Home Delivery service isn't just about convenience; it's about continuous care. It's about minimizing disruptions to your treatment plan, maintaining privacy, and ensuring you're comfortable in your healing environment. With us, rest assured that your health journey continues, uninterrupted