School ERP Solution

School ERP SolutionsA faculty Enterprise Resource Planning software program is a set of applications, specifically designed to control all of the administrative duties of a college strongly & strictly.

What is Esikhya ?

Esikhya is a software program specifically designed to strongly control all of the administrative duties of a school. Also called school control ERP software programs handle all the tedious responsibilities that in advance need to be looked after with the aid of a selected man or woman with the use of pen and paper. Esikhya program acts as a central dashboard wherein all the stakeholders- principals, management, instructors, and mother and father can get entry to any critical information, every time. With this software program, teachers can spend greater time on teaching and scholar development, parents can live updated with their ward’s overall performance, the control can easily manipulate all the difficult and time-taking administrative tasks, and principals can display and manage each unmarried motion being finished internal and out of the school premises.


Right from handling attendance, to online fees, a complete school ERP lets you do all of it. The idea is to streamline the functioning of a school, consequently enhancing the niceness of schooling being brought. Powered with modern-day-day technology which includes cloud computing, machine studying, and statistics analytics, Esikhya ensures absolute safety and recuperation of statistics. Decision-makers and control can also limit entry to sensitive records as a faculty ERP gives role-primarily based access to the stakeholders.

One of the maximum amazing benefits of School ERP software is that it saves a whole lot of time worrying about handling massive statistics and information. This further enables teachers and administrative groups of workers to continuously perform better on the opposite important jobs effectively. Simply put, all of the returned-workplace operations of a faculty may be taken through the school ERP software program.

For parents, School ERP software keeps them updated with how their ward is doing. Whether they want to observe their child’s attendance, or view homework and record cards, a School ERP allows it all, making it easier for parents to take important steps every time required. This, in flip, enables holistic improvement in their ward.When it involves principals/head, they can preserve files of the school’s typical activities. Be it sending bulk messages to parents and teachers, or reaching out to any of them, principals/heads can do all these in an on-the-spot manner. A matter of click is all it wishes!

Benefits of Esikhya

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Technology Integeration

A sensible Esikhya program is ready with cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, machine getting to know, and so on. Via which schools can meet their goals and aspirations. These technologies make data control easier and faster and ensure security and recuperation in any respect.


No be counted which region you are at, or what time it is, a contemporary cloud-based totally ERP lets you access any information you’re searching out. Stakeholders are no longer bound by the limitations of time and region to carry out a particular movement.

Paperless Administration

Since a school ERP software is powered with automation, there’s no want for pen and paper. Everything can be managed with a single click. Whilst you’re searching for some precise data, the ERP will robotically fetch the desired data in no time.


Since a school ERP runs on automation, a lot of time is saved in performing numerous operations. This further facilitates in growing the actual productivity of the school personnel and they could make use of their time in more critical spots to enhance the satisfaction of demand.


A school ERP software is designed for scholar success as the teachers get extra time for teaching and recognition on pupil development. Also, the parents/guardians get extra involvement in their ward’s education as they live up to date with every happening at school.

Information Accessibility

All stakeholders - principals, teachers, management, and parents are reachable to the desired information with the assist of a school ERP software. Also, get entry to sensitive content material may be confined with the role-based-access feature.

Why is Esikhya vital for Schools ?

Managing everyday administrative responsibilities was by no means an easy piece of labor for schools. With the assistance of technological improvements, school management has now come to be less complicated than ever. A Esikhya program permits schools to head paperless and control the entirety with only an unmarried click on. Be it circulating important information and occasions or generating receipts and document playing cards, it may all be easily done right away.

Esikhya can remodel your school campus into a modern virtual campus. All administrative responsibilities can be monitored on an unmarried platform in the best manner. Not to mention, it additionally enables improving stakeholder collaboration and provides a greater enjoyment to the mother and father and school students. In a nutshell, a school ERP software is a one-prevent solution for coping with the day by day administrative obligations so that a school can function in a better way.

Modules & Features

Online Registration & others on ERP Software

This module permits to be registered on a school database providing all the necessary information together with Aadhar cards, Date of Birth Certificate, Parent’s detail, and many others. This permits a school to allow admission from any corner of the world. A discern can fill out the essential details of the child and routinely a form will be submitted to the school admin, who can then sort out the selection, therefore.

Benefits on Online Registration Module in Esikhya

Time Saving

Registration of a new student in any faculty is a time-consuming technique because it calls for the allotment of the dedicated aid from the college. This tedious technique is sorted with the aid of school ERP through an automated procedure.

Global Access

Usually talent in school is restricted to a neighborhood or a subsidiary region, however, online school management software enables a teacher to overcome this case due to the fact a school can receive registration from any nook of the world.

Eco - friendly

Our school management software enables a teacher pass inexperienced for the reason that heaps of bundles of paper do not go to waste utilizing automating the entire process. And Many many more are there....

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