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Restro management POS manages all your operations efficiently so that you can focus on growing your brand, like a real champion! Billing and Restaurant Point of Sale software to simplify operations and maximize profits.

About Us

Restromanagement is not merely a service provider, instead, we believe in delivering a product that ensures coherent and sustainable solutions for our restaurant partners. Restromanagementis not merely a service provider, instead, we believe in delivering a product that ensures coherent and sustainable solutions for our restaurant partners.

Restromanagement is a one-stop technology solution that empowers restaurateurs to manage their operations efficiently. As a B2B arm of Dine Out, we cater to any F&B establishment’s front & back-end house affairs.

Through innovative & integrated solutions, investor aims to disrupt the restaurant industry & put an end to the problems that have riddled restaurateurs since the beginning of time.

Restromanagement - Restaurant Management System | Restaurant POS Software

Restromanagement is the best restaurant management system with a website and mobile application. The restaurant management system will help to kickstart your restaurant business. You need a business plan and management system to accelerate your restaurant business. You do not need previous experience or single coding knowledge to handle this restaurant management software. You can give this responsibility to bdtask, we have created a cost-effective software for you so that your restaurant billing software or restaurant POS software work together. Restromanagement products and solutions empower businesses to delight its customers, manage them efficiently, connect and collaborate with its stakeholders and most importantly take timely decisions on the move. Experience simplicity in running your restaurant businesses with us. We address the needs of a wide spectrum of customers from small independent stores to local chains and large enterprises.

A global player headquartered in Bhubaneswar, we envision a ‘Happiness First’ environment to provide a frictionless experience to all the stakeholders.

Benefits of

So if your institute is planning to get into Digital Transformation, under are key takeaways:

  • Able to track your orders and sales - Account management
  • Accurate, real-time financial statements and data will be available very quickly
  • You can do staff management according to schedule - Human resource management
  • Able to manage inventory - Food management
  • Easy system for customer relationship management
  • All in one software - Admin, kitchen, waiter, user all panel in a system, reservation system, purchase system
  • Complete process management system - order taking to delivery monitor
  • Easy payment system
  • Easy marketing solution - SMS & coupon, etc.
  • Online ordering platform
  • Responsive website and mobile application system

Why do you choose our

  • Easy to handle, No need any prior knowledge
  • All essential features at low cost
  • All systems within one
  • Extended version available for mobile application & desktop software
  • Supported at any device
  • If you want more customization it is possible for us.
  • Neat and clean code & SEO friendly responsive web application
  • Support available for any technical problem

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