At the rate hash [ Online Classroom Management Software]

At the rate hash Online classroom management software assists in the creation of a class environment meant to better engage students in the learning process.

Classroom Management

This tool can limit students’ access to distracting programs and websites on electronic devices. Some provide engaging activities and designs to better stimulate and motivate students in the classroom and at home. Additionally, it helps improve student behavior and performance through advanced feedback features.

Our online classroom management software is able to be used by both teachers and parents, enabling teachers to provide parents an accurate and holistic look at how their student is performing in class. Teachers are able to track progress and provide goals for students to then inform parents of their child’s progress.

At the rate hash can work alongside a school’s learning management system (LMS) and student information system (SIS), providing educators and parents with deeper insights into student behavior and progress. Some classroom management products may also be included in the survey category.

    To qualify for inclusion in the At the rate hash:

  • Provide in-class virtual rooms for students
  • Allow real-time questions and answers to in-class assessments
  • Contain in-class messaging capabilities

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