Inventory Management

The easiest inventory management software to manage your orders, Track inventory, Handle GST billing & Oversee warehouses. One inventory management software to run all your inventory operations.

Inventory Management for SME Manufacturers made simple

This software system manages your stock entries and exits, but also your internal stock movements. Stock management is multi-warehouse and tree-based, and supports product variants.

  • Quickly glance at available stock while receiving new order
  • Prevent shortage of critical raw material
  • Use barcode to achieve end-to-end item tracing

What is Inventory Software ?

It is a cloud-based inventory optimization solution for businesses of all sizes. It connects to existing ERP, WMS or stock management systems to help you take control of your inventory, reduce costs and automate purchasing.

It automatically forecasts demand and calculates the optimal inventory levels and order parameters of all stock items. This data, combined with supplier information and lead times, generates automatic purchase proposals, optimized so that you never run out of stock.

Simply put, this software system makes sure that you’re carrying the right items to meet your stock availability targets without tying up too much capital.

Why should I use Inventory Software ?

Marketplaces around the globe are getting more and more competitive, while supply chains are becoming more challenging to manage.

Businesses therefore need to have the right products in stock at the right time in order to keep customers happy. At the same time it’s also important to keep stock turnover healthy to prevent cash being absorbed in inventory sitting in the warehouse. This software helps businesses find the right balance between these two conundrums.

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